There Is No Crisis

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Big government has robbed us all of a cris-atunity!

When Homer Simpson got banned from Moe's bar, Lisa tried to console him. "Look on the bright side, Dad," she said. "Did you know that the Chinese use the same word for 'crisis' as they do for 'opportunity?'"

"Yes!" Homer exclaimed. "Cris-atunity!" Inspired, he sprinted off in search of a new bar.

Lisa, usually so smart, was wrong. The Chinese word for crisis does not mean opportunity. That is an urban myth — repeated by John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Condoleeza Rice and Al Gore. The Chinese word weiji is a combination of wei, meaning danger, and ji, meaning crucial point (when something begins or changes).

Actually, the etymology of the word crisis goes back to the Greek krisis, meaning "decision." Homer Simpson faced a turning point that required a decision.

But we are not in Homer's shoes. Despite rising unemployment, massive layoffs and a stock market that has lost half of its value from its peak, we are not in a crisis. There is no banking crisis, no financial crisis, no economic crisis.

Why not? Because we have no decision to make.

A bad situation is only a crisis if making the wrong decision can be fatal, and there is a chance of making the right one. Surely, a recession is a bad situation, but where is the debate about possible decisions? There can be no crisis without even a possibility of massively shrinking government.

Who is proposing less government involvement? Who is pointing out that the problems were caused by too much government, too many regulations, too burdensome taxes, too powerful federal agencies?

We are seeing more of the same. A hundred years ago, a bank run came about as a consequence of the CEO of the United Copper Company and his brother trying to corner the market on their own stock. The short squeeze didn't work, and the banks who had lent money to the scheme saw their depositors rush to withdraw.

That Panic of 1907 provided much of the impetus for the eventual formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. That was quite possibly the last time our country faced a crisis. We could have decided to continue as free people, but we went the other way. That same year, the Sixteenth Amendment violated our Constitution, establishing a permanent federal income tax, and the Seventeenth Amendment made senators popularly elected, like House representatives, rather than appointed by state governments. Senators went from being the last protectors of states' rights to some of the loudest proponents for more centralized government.

The cancer of big government grew slowly. At first the Fed did little and income taxes were miniscule. But then the stock market fell in 1929, perhaps as a result of Fed policies that encouraged — as they always do — debt upon debt upon debt.The Great Depression, the New Deal, the Great Society, and Compassionate Conservatism are all different labels for the same phenomenon: the growth of the cancer.

Now we are at the point where we confuse our cancerous tumor for a vital limb. Many of us can't imagine living without the government hunch on our back. Who would build bridges and roads?

And in a time when the big government policies have clearly been shown to fail, when the borrow, borrow, borrow and tax, tax, tax policies of Democrats and Republicans over the past century have left us twisted and deformed, when the only medical alternative left is aggressively attacking the malignant growth, we instead feed and caress it. We honor it with words like "sacrifice" and "the common good."

For the cancer of big government, nothing is going to change in this "crisis." It will only continue to grow. Just as there are plenty of ways to treat even advanced cancer (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy), there are plenty of possible ways to reduce the government (abolish the Fed, repeal income taxes with an amendment, get out of Iraq, cancel all bailouts, close federal agencies), but our elected doctors refuse to even consider any of these treatments, let alone act on them.

They kiss the tumor and call us greedy for wanting to walk tall.

five thousand lousy bucks

i have lost my family  after being a single parent for fourteen  years

in  fourty five days we have to move       because we are ten months behind in the rent

funny how the fed doesnt give a shit about us        only the banks

no one cares  really               I hope that  the whole of america collaspes  I hope that every single person

living in a half million dollar home         loses everything they have

because for the last fourteen years               raising four children alone in poverty

no one ever gave a dam about us        

we have our own garden and ability to  survive        if we could have just  come up with the five thousand

we could have stayed here  and   grown our own food

now    we  will all be homeless

NICE people in this world             dont you think?

and for the ten years worth of wood that i had cut and split and stacked

NO  you cant take that will you   

and our animals              oh  well to bad           kill them you didnt need them anyways

and this is all from the people    right around where I live

I do not know your circumstances...but

1. How did you "lose" your family?

sounds as if you are moving with them in 45 days?

2 The Fed is a quasi-government agency.

 Why would they care about anyone, government cannot care, it can only steal. You are supposed to care for your children NOT government.

3 You hope that America collapses and people lose everything they have?

You do not sound like a person who DESERVES much pity because you seem to not have any for anyone else. How have rich people hurt you? Just because you are having a bad experience you want others to suffer?

4 . you keep saying 14 years raising children alone in poverty.

The last 14 years have been a period of unbelievable boom (though a false one) but nevertheless many opportunities that the rest of the world could only DREAM of have been laid at the feet of Americans. Unfortunately many of them squandered this chance on idiotic gadgets and cheap consumer crap without ever saving a dime or planning for a rainy day.  Did you know that in China the average wage is about $40-$60 per week, that is 12 hours a day seven days a week many times? And that they save 30% of that on average?

5. You say you had a garden and 10 years worth of wood cut.

That I must say is quite impressive! I commend you on that most Americans do not even know how to grow a garden anymore. However I must say that it seems you should have spent your time more wisely. If you had spent that time looking for a way to make money instead I believe that you would have been far better off.

6 You say that you only need a "lousy" five thousand dollars, to pay TEN MONTHS worth of back rent!

Sounds to me like you had an ANGEL for a landlord! Most people are evicted within the FIRST MONTH and he let you stay for 10! AND you are getting a full 45 days EXTRA to find another place? Most people would be THANKFUL for a FREE house to live in for almost a YEAR!

People like you are why America is shriveling and dying. They think that they are OWED other peoples "lousy" money simply because they were born! Did rich people get you pregnant 4 times? Did a rich person kill your spouse or force them to leave you? Did rich people force you to buy animals you could not afford? Did rich people break your legs and keep you from working? Did rich people break in your house and STEAL your "lousy" money while you slept?

I am sure the answers to these questions are NO. But that does not stop you from wishing them poverty and misery.

Well let me tell you what these evil rich people have done FOR you. They are the ones who provided the lumber, wire, roofing, carpet, sheetrock, furniture, Television sets, phones, clothing, plumbing and everything else including the house itself, that you have lived in FOR FREE for almost a year!

Now all you need is a rich person to give you a "lousy" $5000.00 so you can stay in that wonderful place! Until you need another $5000 that is.

I hate to burst your bubble? But even if you got your wish, and every rich person in the country lost EVERYTHING they had, within ten months they would be right back to working hard and saving money, and well on their way to being whole again.

That is because they are not like you, they would never sit around blaming OTHERS for their misfortunes. They would be too busy doing what people are supposed to do, take care of themselves.

This SHOULD be a great opportunity to learn something, but I do not believe you are capable of seeing THIS opportunity any more than the many others you have missed.

But I will tell you the lesson anyway. You are responsible for your own life and the lives of your children, no one else. You should have used the free 10 months to save every penny you could. I am sure that your state will put you into another free home because of the children and you will go on complaining that you do not get enough "lousy" money. Instead spend your time wisely and learn to value money, it does not grow on trees and many people have to make great sacrifices to try and save even $1000.00 much less five.

Stop feeling sorry for the misfortunes that have befallen you and especially for the mistakes that YOU have made yourself. As you see THAT does not help anyone, least of all your kids.

It hurts me to write these things and I know sadly that many people in our once great nation will feel I am heartless for it. But I think that all these bleeding hearts mainly in government, are just as responsible for your situation as you yourself are. They have told you that you are OWED something for nothing. That is a painful and harmful lie.


16th Amendment:  Simply acknowledge that it was never ratified, and it gave Congress no new taxing power anyway (as the Supreme Court has confirmed).



16th Amendment

Just wanted to clarify something. I wish i could cite the specific court case, but the supreme court has ruled that the 16th amendment granted congress NO NEW TAXATION POWERS.  The income has always been a voluntary tax, though it does carry a gun and threaten people that choose not to volunteer to pay.

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Please know you have friends in these times.
Posted by Anon on 3.21.09 at 16.08
Checkout my site for a video history of money and the corrupt Federal Reserve system.
Posted by Wayne Walton on 3.22.09 at 11.55
There was a decision to make, albeit not by the people.

With the spending for the war on terror on the decline, the decision was how to prevent a peace bonus from kicking in. The answer was the first wave of bailouts. The second looting done in the past week by the Fed was unfortunate, but logical. Logical because the first wave went through so easy, unfortunate because they might get a chance to totally finish this country when they'll leverage the bonds into greenbacks and give them to their franchises.

Keep up the good work, Phil!!

Posted by Schnulli on 3.22.09 at 16.08
Yeah man... small government abuses smell SOOO much sweeter than big government abuses! Twit.
Posted by Sick Willie on 3.22.09 at 19.07
Ron Paul was running on down sizing the government and getting rid of the Federal Reserve. Also definitely restoring States' rights and the Constitution.
Too bad he wasn't elected. Then the country would start t remember that the power belongs to the individual not big government and big buisness
Posted by Friend on 4.4.09 at 17.59